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access security

What are your challenges?

Discover our remote access security service.


Have you resized your company's work capacities (teleworking, hybrid models, etc.) and want to secure these practices?


Do you want to protect your business from the cyber risks associated with remote access infrastructures?


Would you like to enhance the security of your access control and protect your data?

What are the risks?

We can’t talk about security without highlighting the risks your company runs if access is not properly controlled, and if IT working models are not properly framed.

Expanding, installing or configuring remote access equipment (VPN, VDI, Citrix, etc.) in a hurry can considerably increase the attack surface of your information system, and the risk of an intrusion/attack.

Our detection and response services
services have observed an upsurge in attacks linked to security flaws specific to this equipment. In particular, these can lead to the exposure of sensitive data, or to the installation on your IS of a malicious actor capable of blocking your activity.

Beyond the IT damage, cyber incidents almost systematically impact a company’s economic success: from a hefty bill (averaging around 10% of sales) to bankruptcy, your company’s success is now intrinsically linked to its level of IT protection.

How to avoid them?

In order to protect companies and their business, our teams have developed a packaged offer specific to these issues, rapidly actionable, pragmatic, and also, adapted to companies in emergency situations.

With our remote access security offer, you benefit from a fast, comprehensive approach to securing your equipment, its configuration and your employees’ access to professional environments, by triggering the following services combining a black-box (attacker) and white-box (exhaustive) approach:



An external penetration test to simulate the impact of an attacker by assessing the security level of your equipment, your network architecture and your filtering policy.


An infrastructure audit to get an overall view of your IS security by auditing its configuration and architecture.


A guide to best practices and recommendations adapted to your context and equipment.

Access to Cyboard, our security dashboard, for operational monitoring of your IS status.

The aim is to protect your business by highlighting vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors, and to rapidly rebuild a reliable, secure architecture.

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