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With Pentest testing, our experts attack your information system or specific elements, identify weaknesses in several scenarios and provide you with appropriate recommendations.

ANSSI Intrinsec intrusion test security VISA

Since November 2017, Intrinsec has been PASSI RGS qualified (attestation n°20007) and PASSI LPM qualified (qualification decision n°5685) for its organizational and physical audit, configuration, architecture, source code and penetration testing activities.

What perimeters?

Our penetration tests can be adapted to your needs and those of your company, by searching for vulnerabilities on different perimeters.


Datacenters, corporate networks, WiFi, telecom and VoIP networks, private or public clouds


Specific systems (terminals, BMS systems, ICS/SCADA, etc.)


Fixed and mobile terminals (Android, iOS, MDM)


Web, native and mobile applications, hosted on-premise or by leading cloud providers


Connected objects: IOT chain security, from object to platform, and communication protocols

Which Pentest for your company?


Test the ability of an opportunist, a malicious customer, a third-party maintainer or a specialized attacker to compromise your information systems, either directly or by bouncing off your partners or collaborators.


Evaluate the resistance of your infrastructures to protect your business and your information against several scenarios: visitor, trainee, employee or consequence of the compromise of an asset from the outside.


Measure the security of your applications against technical or business logic attacks, according to OWASP. We also apply specific checkpoints for applications hosted at Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or OVH.


As part of the mobile penetration test, our experts identify the risks specific to your mobile applications.


Test the security of the entire IoT chain for your connected solutions. From the connected object to the platform, our security experts identify the vulnerabilities specific to your hardware & software solution and provide you with expertise to raise your level of security.

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