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Secure your business partnership

The Cybersecurity Due Diligence service enables you to assess the cybersecurity posture of the target company as part of your business partnerships / mergers & acquisitions.
Cybersecurity Due Diligence is a real decision-making tool, enabling you to identify opportunities that you should seize.

How does the absence of cybersecurity measures affect a company’s valuation?

The rise of digital technology and the multiplicity of IT interconnections between companies are giving rise to new Cyber risks.

IT security risks come to the fore, with their immediate impact on a company’s financial health and image. Production stoppage due to a ransomware compromise of an industrial site, image damage following the collection of exposed critical strategic data, legal penalties relating to the exposure of personal data, decline in the value of an agreement or share following the publication of exfiltrated internal data are all feared events partly linked to the absence of good cybersecurity practices.

Intrinsec’s Cybersecurity Due Diligence service is designed to assist you with the cybersecurity aspects of your company’s purchase/resale process, business prospecting, auditing of subsidiaries and suppliers or service providers, using Intrinsec’s service capabilities.

The challenges of Cybersecurity Due Diligence

Assessing the cyber ecosystem

Get the most accurate cyber footprint of an entity along with a risk assessment to make the best possible business partnership decision.

Identify risks and opportunities

Expose the customer to the risks and opportunities surrounding the target company’s cyber ecosystem.

Anticipating penalties

Enable the ordering party to anticipate potential legal penalties (RGPD, CNIL, etc.) and guard against legal risks.

Adding value to the service

It should also be a factor in enhancing the company’s value, since bringing it into line with best market practice can prove costly.

Our approach: Cyber Threat Intelligence due diligence

We offer you a consolidated view of the Cybersecurity posture of the target entity.

A 4-step process

Taking context

Taking context

  • Defining the most appropriate approach (passive/active)
  • Discussion of the points of attention defined by the partner
  • Gather background information on the target company.


Cyber exposure assessment

  • Overall assessment of the target company’s level of exposure
  • Estimation of the target company’s level of maturity by type of threat observed
  • Reading level approach to the analysis of detected elements

Overall level assessment
Technical analysis of detected elements

Technical analysis of detected elements

  • OSINT search for strategic data exposed on different web layers
  • Supervision of sources from malicious networks & cyber communities
  • Analysis and correlation of cyber threats in an industry sector
  • Assessment of the target entity’s exploitable attack surface

Operational complementarities

  • Intrusion test
    on an external application
  • Forensic analysis of a detected sensitive element
  • SSI support and definition of a security assurance plan
  • Year-round asset monitoring

    Overall level assessment


    360° expertise

    360° expertise

    on cybersecurity to meet all your challenges and enhance your services

    A complementary team

    A complementary team

    A wide range of skills: technical, multilingual, business intelligence and geo-political to understand your international challenges



    OSINT investigative skills developed daily for over 5 years


    Extensive experience in detection & response

    Knowledge of threat actors and their methods, visibility of the latest attacks and vulnerabilities

    An analysis report

    Understand a company’s cyber risks and make the right decisions.


    Rely on a multi-layered deliverable showing :

    • Risk levels by threat type(threat score)
    • Areas for improvement/good practice and technical and managerial recommendations
    • A tailored remediation plan


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