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SOC – Security Operations Center

Monitoring for better detection!

Our security operations center is an essential building block in a company’s digital security, ensuring that it is no longer blind to its own information systems.

Delivered in a flexible “as a service” logic, there are different operating models: hybrid or fully outsourced.

The SOC provides you with a cutting-edge ability to :

With the Intrinsec SOC, our teams provide you with a comprehensive service for detecting and responding to cyber threats, based on an industrialized, “SOAR”-type approach, and a service driven above all by risk. To achieve this, we use the most appropriate and effective tools for your context.

With extensive expertise in the field of SSI supervision, our teams are organized around the roles of architect, SOC project manager, customer reference analyst, SSI supervision design analyst and supervision analyst.

Risk-oriented SOC and security operations

Knowing the specific risks associated with your business is essential for us to identify your IS security needs and priorities, so that we can put in place detection capabilities to reduce the risks identified.

The goal? To help you better cover your identified risks, and ensure your security operations.

Do you want to detect attacks on your information system as early as possible?

  • Agile management of your IS operational security
  • Protect all your IT assets and equipment against cyber-attacks
  • Supervising your company’s security
  • Identify and reduce the risks associated with cyber incidents
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of cyber incidents
  • Ensure your compliance with PSSI constraints

Our SOC and operational security service

Service with a human touch

  • Our SOC is unique: we build it together, taking your needs into account.
  • We mobilize our teams for design, SOC deployment and SSI governance.
  • You’ll have a dedicated point of contact for all your issues.
  • SSI supervision tailored to your environment

A comprehensive approach (from detection to remediation)

  • An experienced SSI consultant for system governance
  • A recognized team of pentesters to carry out a test of your SOC service
  • Certified experts (SIEM, SOAR…) to provide technical environments.
  • An R&D unit, responsible for monitoring trends (attacks, etc.).

Take advantage of our extensive expertise to continuously improve your service

  • Make the most of Threat Intelligence
  • Respond to an SSI incident detected by the SOC
  • Evaluate and improve your level of SSI supervision
  • Take advantage of the synergy between Intrinsec’s business units
  • Benefit from Intrinsec’s SOC service resources and approach

Our SOC and operational security solutions

How can you maximize detection and reduce response times?
Complement your SOC-Intrinsec service with our intelligent solutions.


Security Orchestration, Automation & Response


Security information & Event management


Endpoint Detection & Response


Extended Detection & Response

Adapted models

hybrid mode

This model, which is the most widespread with us, consists of implementing a SIEM at the customer’s site, and connecting remotely to the SIEM. In this model, the logs remain with the customer. It is alerted by our qualified analysts when an anomaly is detected on the information system. The hybrid model facilitates the reversibility plan: if the customer wishes to change service provider, he keeps the SIEM, infrastructures and documentation.

full outsourced mode

Intrinsec implements its SIEM in its own data center. The logs are sent directly to us, via a secure tunnel. As with the hybrid model, our analysts send alerts to customers, according to their level of criticality. Our 20 years’ experience in IT outsourcing means we can offer a solid infrastructure at a reasonable price.

There are many definitions and applications of a SOC. We don’t believe it should be a rushed project, but rather the result of reflection: Why do I need an SOC? What are my company’s key assets? What are my capabilities? An SOC is built on pragmatism: what information do I need, what do I want to do with it, and how can I derive some form of value from it. We can’t control security incidents, but we can detect them and respond effectively.


SOC Strategy Consultant

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