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Cybersecurity Audit

Our auditors offer open-book assessments, and compare the findings with your safety requirements and best practices. Together, we draw up action plans based on your challenges.

Since November 2017, Intrinsec has been PASSI RGS (20007) and PASSI LPM (5685/ANSSI/SDE) qualified, for its penetration testing, organizational audit, configuration, architecture, and source code activities.

Organizational audit

Compare your information systems security management with ISO 27001 best practices or your internal standards, and assess its effectiveness in relation to your risk mapping.

Architecture audit

Assess the suitability of an architecture’s technical and organizational security measures for your security needs in terms of availability, integrity, confidentiality and traceability.

Configuration audit

Test the configuration of your information systems: against your internal standards or the best practices proposed by ANSSI or NIST.

Password audit

A pragmatic, quick-to-implement offer for assessing password robustness, offline, without impact, as well as a range of essential Active Directory security elements.

Code review

The code review focuses on the static study of an application’s code, combining an industrialized approach using off-the-shelf tools, with a meticulous manual re-reading of critical sections of the code according to the security needs identified during interviews.

Application audit

Study the security of your applications in depth, thanks to a static code auditing approach, combined with a dynamic evaluation approach to illustrate and cover vulnerabilities.

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conformity audits and certification

Our auditors can help you assess compliance with standards and regulations. We can intervene as part of a preparatory phase for certification, as part of surveillance of an already audited perimeter, or as part of your regulatory compliance process.

RGPD - General Data Protection Regulation

We carry out an inventory of the practices to be put in place in order to guarantee RGPD compliance: processing feed processes, incident notification management, mapping …

RGS - Référentiel général de sécurité

In the context of qualified or upstream activities, we can support you in your efforts to obtain perimeter approval with regard to the general safety standards.

LPM-Loi de programmation militaire

Assessment of information system security against LPM requirements, as part of certification or upstream studies.

ISMS-ISO 27001

Blank audit of an information security management system in preparation for certification.

full-time support

Intrinsec provides you with full-time security experts to support your company’s security and compliance audits. Take advantage of a flexible approach to enhance your skills with the help of an experienced consultant.


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