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TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Meeting your objectives

Intrinsec provides you with full-time security experts to support your company’s security needs. Benefit from a flexible approach to project management (RUN, integration, architecture…) thanks to an experienced consultant. Discover our technical support services:

A quality system

All Intrinsec’s expertise

Hand-picked experts


Choose a qualified service provider and an associated system to deal with all your security issues: our technical assistance security experts are recruited with the same high standards as those expected of our in-house staff.


Benefit from our full range of expertise and timely reports on your level of security. Our experts will extend our skills to your company, helping you to achieve continuous improvement.


Take advantage of our expertise for your short- to long-term assignments. Thanks to our precise targeting of profiles, we can offer you a profile tailored to your technical and organizational needs.

Intrinsec's expertise

25 years’ experience in passing on our expertise and feedback

Logic of continuous improvement thanks to our experts who extend our skills within the company

Cyber Fusion Center ” spirit, enabling us to offer a full range of products and services

A network of Intrinsec partners

– Continuous referencing of trusted partners

Reactivity and pro-activity


Tailor-made support

Building privileged partnerships with our customers

A single , dedicatedcontact to make every service a success

Ongoing performance monitoring – Monthly committee

A spirit of innovation

Investing in innovation: proposing unique offers and looking to the long term

15% of payroll dedicated to R&D and continuous improvement activities

Intrinsec does it for you!

Operational safety

Our specialist operational security consultants, each with their own areas of expertise, can help you meet your needs: project management, incident response, penetration testing, secure code review…

Managing your day-to-day risks

To meet your challenges, benefit from the expertise of our risk management consultants as part of a project or strategic development.

Security by Design

Take advantage of our consultants’ expertise to define the security needs of your information systems, both in terms of infrastructure and applications.

Experts for all your security needs

We don’t offer you 15 profiles, we offer you the right one!

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