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business resilience

Prepare your company for new threats.

Become & stay a cyber-resilient company!

Your challenges, our priority

Define, test & approve! It’s never too late to make the right decisions.

The business impacts of a crisis or security incident are numerous and costly for your business.

Anticipate and limit them with our resilience offer!


Meet the various challenges you face in preserving your information system by defining an effective strategy and action plan tailored to your business.


Thanks to our contextualized tests and exercises, make sure your company’s critical & vital activities are running smoothly, especially in the event of a disaster.


Following our tests and exercises, take corrective action and adapt your strategy.

Our business resilience offer

2 core topics – 4 complementary offers tailored to your specific needs.

Business resilience involves a number of key areas in which Intrinsec can provide assistance: the design of continuity strategy and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) / DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) plans, their maintenance over time, and training through activation tests or crisis or incident management exercises.

The aim of our resilience offer is to reduce as far as possible the behaviors and actions that put your company and your IS at risk, while implementing an effective, contextualized and tested strategy.

Crisis and incident management

From strategy to testing, our consultants can help you manage your crises.


A crisis is an exceptional and unpredictable event. It is nevertheless advisable to prepare for the management of such events to reduce their human, technical and financial impact.

Preparing for a crisis involves two essential elements:

  • Crisis management strategy: As part of this definition, an Intrinsec consultant will help you to define realistic crisis scenarios, as well as the technical and organizational prerequisites needed to successfully manage a potential crisis.
  • Crisis management exercises: A team of Intrinsec consultants creates a crisis scenario adapted to your context. Our team animates and observes this scenario, which includes a number of stimuli enabling us to observe your crisis unit’s ability to perform the right actions (communication, decision-making, etc.) at the right time.

Our specific offer to manage your security incidents


In the case of security incident management in particular, we can bring our technical teams on board to create an interactive and engaging scenario for the customer’s teams, from which a pragmatic action plan adapted to the technical security challenges will emerge.

Carried out with our CERT-Intrinsec experts, you benefit not only from their technical expertise, but also from their in-depth knowledge of Threat Actors and their techniques.


Business continuity & recovery

Let’s build a pragmatic business continuity strategy together


For your company, the fresh eye of one of our expert consultants means clear, precise business impact assessments. Our consultants’ experience and methodology enable us to translate your business needs into pragmatic organizational, technical and human resources actions.

When designing or updating a business continuity plan, these elements are essential for the project to run smoothly:

  • Business impact assessment
  • Assessing the gap between business needs and operational reality
  • Definition of a pragmatic action plan


Test the effectiveness & relevance of your business continuity or recovery strategy!


Our consultant’s method will enable him to help you design a test plan based on a realistic disaster scenario, adapted to the scope of the chosen test. His expertise will provide pragmatic areas for improvement, adapted to your constraints in the following areas:

  • Alert feedback
  • Crisis management skills and abilities
  • Effective IT recovery
  • Personnel management

All these stages can be tested, either in their entirety or in part, on a restricted or unrestricted perimeter. More advanced tests can combine several of these steps.


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