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Connected object security

IoT & Connected Industrial Systems

We secure your connected objects & industrial systems

Imagining and designing secure connected objects is more crucial than ever. The benefits of the IoT on the daily lives of professionals and consumers alike are undeniable.

We offer you a comprehensive approach tailored to your specific needs, whatever your safety constraints and level of security maturity.

Our offer covers the software and hardware layers of the complete chain, from the object to the Cloud platform.



Communication protocols


Cybersecurity for connectivity.

Lhe risks associated with IoT are significant. From numerous studies have recently confirmed that
that the majority of consumers lack confidence
in these connected objects.

To help you
conquer your market and reassure your customers
our teams also specialize in IoT security.

Our objective?
To meet your business and image challenges
by offering you a complete offer to secure your connected objects, from design to production, right through to permanent control.

Let’s build a more secure IoT environment together!

From design…

During this stage, we identify your strategic challenges, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your information system, to define a roadmap aligned with your security challenges.

Macroscopic risk analysis

Organizational audit: Identifying the security needs of your business players

Pragmatic action plan and safety master plan

Our consultants offer to carry out a technical audit tailored to your risks. It is carried out in collaboration with your technical teams and covers all hardware and software layers: µControllers, Memory, Boot, OS or Runtime, Application, Communication Protocols, Cloud Platform, …

Following this audit, we can offer you a security guide with recommendations to help you build a solution whose security is adapted to your risks.

Towards production

With penetration testing, our experts can attack the entire chain, from the connected object to the platform, depending on the defined perimeter. Connected object testing covers all hardware and software layers.

Our experts identify the vulnerabilities specific to your solution and provide you with appropriate recommendations. The results and action plan are returned to you in a final report and feedback session, and can also be transmitted as you go along via our CyBoard portal.

All the way to permanent control

Would you like a comprehensive system for anticipating, detecting and responding to operational security issues, tailored to and dedicated to your connected industrial objects and systems? Our subscription-based services provide comprehensive, proven solutions.


Experts for all your security needs

We offer solutions tailored to your every need.

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