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Identify your weaknesses to assess & guide your security strategy

Given the growth and sophistication of cyberthreats targeting corporate networks, it is imperative for all companies to identify their weaknesses and the entry points to their information systems in order to avoid the worst.

How far can your defense withstand the attackers?

For 25 years, Intrinsec teams have been have been identifying at-risk corporate assets and proposing approaches to mitigate the risk of attack through targeted services..

Backed by this experience and with a daily eye on the latest threats, thanks to its thanks to its detection activities, Intrinsec offers a range of services tailored to each company, each business sector, each exposure and each perimeter.

With a risk-based approach combining a range of expertise, our teams advise you, examine and improve your defensive posture against attackers.

Your objectives

Fight the main risks associated with your digital transformation.


Identify your weaknesses

Thwarting cyber threats


Protect your business

Our recommendation

A risk-based approach

Risk analysis

In order to adopt effective measures to combat cyberthreats, the first step is to carry out a risk analysis.

Conducted by our consultants, a risk analysis will enable you to obtain a clear and precise identification of the cyber risks that could harm your business, and their impact. It will also help you to control your budget by taking action only on your assets at risk.



Next, we recommend that you carry out a contextualized assessment of your information system’s security, taking into account the results of your risk analysis and their impact.

Depending on its scope, the assessment may be carried out on different and take several forms, It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best !

Sustain your efforts

If you want to protect your company against cyberthreats over the long term, we also offer complementary recurring services to help you identify your risks on a daily basis:

  • Need to control your attack surface? – Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • The need for assured and reinforced protection – CERT subscription
  • Need support in adopting best practices and a cybersecurity roadmap – ISS support

Let's discuss it!

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