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Understand the threat to protect your assets

Preserving your brand image and combating cyber attacks also involves controlling your presence on the Internetthe main source of information used by hackers.

To avoid data leaks, damage to your assets and, above all, damage such as security incidents, it’s imperative tostay one step ahead of malicious actors.

Control your company's image and exposure.

Whether you have a well-known brand with a strong presence on various web channels (social networks, marketplaces, Google, media…) or a niche brand a niche brand wishing to avoid the bad publicity and costs generated by a cybersecurity incident. Intrinsec can support you in this process in a number of ways.

Your objectives

Fight the main risks associated with your digital transformation.

Control your attack surface


Improve your defensive posture


Improve your detection capabilities

Optimize your cyber costs

Our recommendation


Start by protecting your company’s information assets and controlling your attack surface by improving your defensive posture with :

  • detect data leaks concerning your company and your ecosystem ;
  • permanent monitoring of your Internet exposure;
  • the fight against fraud on all levels of the web ;
  • in-depth monitoring of your specific risks: industry trends, latest threats…


To complete your Cyber Threat Intelligence service, our teams can take you a step further in the fight against threats by subscribing to :

  • detection services (SOC)
  • our remediation solutions (CERT).


If you would like to benefit from risk and remediation-oriented servicewe recommend that you carry out a risk analysis accompanied by one of our SSI consultants.



If you have an in-house cybersecurity team, we recommend that you carry out a Red Team to evaluate the effectiveness of your system, based on the threats identified by our Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Let's discuss it!

Leave us a message describing your security needs, or contact us if you’d like information about our activities. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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