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Cyboard: your safety

at a glance

Cyboard is an IT security as a service platform, designed to control your security in real time.

By reinventing the way we deliver our services, we bring you real added value in managing your security strategy.

Cyboard aims to address all the services offered by Intrinsec, bringing them together and breaking down the silos between results.


Why choose Cyboard?

Optimize your follow-up with your teams, partners, tools & services

Improve your service management and deliver information on vulnerabilities, alerts and incidents in a more agile way.

Enhanced visibility

Take advantage of real-time reporting on the management and level of your security, customizable to present information specific to each part of your organization.

Centralize and manage your SSI actions

Converge the results of your security initiatives, and visualize your actions on a single platform.

collaborative UX

Delegate and monitor the progress of your incident and action plans.

Penetration testing & Audits

Steering and monitoring of audit programs, vulnerabilities and recommendations.

Vulnerability management

Control of vulnerability scanning programs, synthetic views and imports of scan results from third-party tools

SSI watch

Alert bulletins when product vulnerabilities are published

Incident response (CERT)

On-demand assistance (phishing, malware analysis) and alerts

Incident detection (SOC)

Overview of IS incident detection activity

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Alert feedback, search management and threat exchanges.

An enriched experience


An ergonomic, easy-to-use interface.



An interface that can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.


Approach "As a Service"

Cyboard facilitates access to and subscription to Intrinsec’s expertise.



A one-click interface for all your safety indicators!


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