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Securing your digital transformation projects

Digital transformation is a tremendous development opportunity for your company. However, it is also a gas pedal of opportunities for cyber attackers.. In particular, when it leads to massive dematerialization of information systems to the cloud, growing Internet exposure, and an accumulation of sensitive data.

Ensure your company's healthy digital transformation

Faced with the professionalization of cybercrime, your level of protection needs to be under control to avoid disruptive economic impacts.

Integrate cybersecurity into your business strategy to build trust and create value: whether it’s to support your growth, your development strategy or the creation of new products/servicesimprove your profitability and achieve a healthy healthy transformationcybersecurity must be part of your equation!

Whatever the environment,
embed cybersecurity in your projects to protect your brand and adopt a resilient posture

Your objectives

Fight the main risks associated with your digital transformation.


Ransomware-type cyberattacks


Leakage of sensitive data

Risks inherent in cloud computing

Fraud or trademark usurpation

Our recommendation



The security level of the environment concerned to identify weaknesses in the IT assets your employees use on a daily basis by your employees (Cloud platform, VPN, applications, intranet…)


Adopt a remediation posture to avoid being targeted by attackers by structuring your cybersecurity strategy with our experts in ISS consulting and governance.



Put your environment under surveillance with our detection solutions to adopt a resilient posture over the long term.


The use of new digital tools also brings with it the emergence of new risks linked to your brand image and information assets. Protect yourself by anticipating and detecting threats specific to your environment with Cyber Threat Intelligence.


Responding to best safety practices

Ensure compliance and meet best safety practices :

  • Compliance with the requirements of the digital world (RGPD…)
  • Drafting a digital transformation PSSI
  • Analysis of the risks inherent in your developments and their major impacts

Let's discuss it!

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