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Intrinsec Cyber Fusion Center







Would you like to benefit from a comprehensive system for anticipating, detecting and responding to operational safety issues? Our Cyber Fusion Center services provide you with comprehensive, proven solutions.

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See what’s out of reach: our Cyber Threat Intelligence unit anticipates and detects cyber threats. By analyzing the different layers of the Internet (Surface, Deep and Dark), we know if your organization is being targeted and optimize your defense posture in the event of fraud, data leakage…


Monitor for better detection: The SOC is a set of tools, processes and human resources enabling you to detect and report on security incidents occurring in your information system in near-real time. It is an essential part of a company’s security event monitoring system.

Incident Response

Anticipate the emergency! CERT-Intrinsec offers a range of services to help you get ready, as well as on-demand capabilities, available on subscription, to take action when you need it.

Our complementary solutions

Vulnerability management

Intrinsec’s vulnerability and compliance management service has been in operation since 2007, and has numerous references with comprehensive approaches applied to both small-scale Internet perimeters and internal information systems spread over different sites around the world.

Infosec watch

Would you like to be informed when a vulnerability is discovered in the software you use? Our vulnerability monitoring service is the simple answer to your needs: fully integrated into Portal, you define your monitoring perimeters and alert circuits, benefiting from the global modeling carried out for all services delivered, and directly manage incidents and associated actions as required.


Cyboard is an IT security as a service platform, designed to control your security in real time. By reinventing the way we deliver our services, we bring you real added value in managing your security strategy. Cyboard aims to address all the services offered by Intrinsec, bringing them together and breaking down the silos between results.

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