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Our partners

Discover our partners

All our cybersecurity services work with a number of partners.

Whether technological or business, these partnerships are essential to the development of our services and to providing answers to our customers’ challenges.

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Technology partners


Business partners

We work with several insurers, and/or insurance experts and brokers, law firms & ESNs.

In particular, Intrinsec has built up a “cyber insurance” partnership with INQUEST, the specialist risk management subsidiary of the Stelliant group, France’s leading provider of insurance services.

This partnership has resulted in the launch ofEye-T: a joint solution to help companies manage their cyber risks. A unique combination of insurance expertise in cyber incident response and high-tech IT security services.

Intrinsec has set up a “Cyber Crisis Managementpartnership with OPFOR Intelligence, a specialist in cyber crisis management.

This is reflected in the integration of a dedicated crisis manager alongside CERT-Intrinsec analysts during major engagements. The crisis manager assists the company’s senior management by sharing his or her experience of similar incidents, and by ensuring the fusion of technical, business and communication aspects, in close collaboration with external or in-house legal counsel. The crisis manager also works alongside the IT teams, and in support of CERT-Intrinsec, to help restart business under the best possible conditions.

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