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Vulnerability management

With the multiplication of technical and application infrastructures, combined with the increase in potential security defects, it is becoming increasingly complex to obtain a consolidated view of the level of risk and the actions to be taken: updating, secure configuration, compliance with internal or regulatory directives…. Intrinsec’s vulnerability and compliance management service has been in operation since 2007, and has numerous references with comprehensive approaches applied to both small-scale Internet perimeters and internal information systems spread over different sites around the world.

Vulnerability management


The Security Operations Center (SOC) for service management.


Our Cyboard platform provides you with a dashboard and action plan tracking system, complementing the contributions of the solution.



The Qualys solution for technical implementation of vulnerability scans.

Full-time support

Intrinsec can provide you with full-time security experts to help you manage your company’s vulnerabilities. Take advantage of a flexible approach to enhance your skills with the help of an experienced consultant.

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