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Integrate cyber intelligence
your detection and response capabilities

Through its CTI Feeds, Intrinsec offers its own intelligence on external threats to meet their growing sophistication.

An unprecedented technical flow of indicators of compromise, developed and enhanced by Intrinsec and continuously capitalized on in its OpenCTI instance.


Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds

Flows at the heart of Threat Intelligence

– Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds from Intrinsec –

Increase your real-time detection capabilities

Accelerate, prioritize and automate your remediation actions with qualified & contextualized data

Improve responsiveness & efficiency with better threat intelligence

A modern Threat Intelligence infrastructure, based on

CTI FEEDS: Operational & Strategic flows

Improve the effectiveness of your positions regarding actions to prevent cyber threats to your organization or business sector


Adjusting your cybersecurity posture


Responsiveness to Ransomware & APT threats


Enhancing your security solutions


Compliance & regulation (ISO 27001:2022 ...)


Brand protection


Limit false positives

We produce more than

new indicators per day

Our trusted CTI Feeds are derived from our incident response, incident detection and threat intelligence activities.

Efficiency - We use our CTI feeds for our to continuously monitor its performance

Strengthen your understanding of threats
thanks to Threat Intelligence

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