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Cloud security

We help you secure your cloud environment, with an approach tailored to your specific needs.

We assess the security level of your environment, audit compliance between your security policy and the configuration of services, and make appropriate, prioritized recommendations.


Safety assessment



Remediation plan

Assessing your level of safety and compliance

Using a context-sensitive approach, we analyze the configuration and architecture of your cloud environment to identify any vulnerabilities that could enable an attacker to gain access to your environment, or a malicious employee togain illegitimate access to critical resources.


We assess compliance of your environment’s configuration with the security requirements defined in your security policy, and review the organizational procedures involved in managing your environment.

Prioritized recommendations and best practices


Following the audit, we work with your teams to draw up a detailed, prioritized action plan, in order to frame remediation actions according to your specific constraints.

Incremental recurrent audits

As part of our approach to monitoring the implementation of the action plan, we support you in its effective deployment, by carrying out recurring audits on components that have evolved.

Our strengths


A highly-contextualized approach: necessarily involving discussions with the teams in charge, and adapted to your use of the Cloud. Our teams also go a step further by co-constructing an audit framework to suit your specific requirements.

A complete environment audit: infrastructure audit, organizational audit and analysis of service configurations.


25 years' experience in Audit & IT: extensive experience in understanding customer needs.

Numerous references and feedback on leading Cloud platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform.

Our latest achievements

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