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European Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red Team

We provide comprehensive support for your TIBER-EU project.

Your TIBER-EU needs

Understand your challenges so you can respond appropriately.

Global issues, but not only…

For your company or your subsidiaries, Intrinsec goes beyond general issues, adopting an approach based on understanding and assessing your specific environment, in order to offer you a customized, effective solution.

  • Comply with European Central Bank (ECB) standards
  • Test the resilience of your information system to cyber-attacks
  • Test the maturity of your cybersecurity model
  • Gain agility and be part of a continuous improvement process

Our TIBER-EU expertise

Thanks to our wide range of cybersecurity services, you can choose Intrinsec for different phases of your TIBER-EU project

Cyber Threat Intelligence phase

Intelligence on cyber threats in your environment.

The principle? Our Threat Intelligence team simulates an attacker’s reconnaissance phase, gathering as much information as possible about your ecosystem, assessing your attack surface and mapping the threats to your business.

The objective? Suggest suitable attack scenarios to the Red Teaming team and design an intelligence report targeted at your company.

Phase Red Team

A comprehensive assessment of your cybersecurity and the effectiveness of your Blue Team.

How does it work? Our Red Team carries out the scenarios identified by our Threat Intelligence, using heterogeneous methods to put your technical and physical infrastructures to the test, as well as your staff’s reflexes. and your staff’s reflexes, using heterogeneous methods aligned with the reality of an advanced attack.

The goal? Capitalize on simulated security incidents and determine the level of effort required to compromise your sensitive data.

Enhanced by our CERT-Intrinsec

Our Incident Response Center has extensive knowledge of Threat actors and their methods of attack.

Our technical expertise and analytical skills enable us to deliver a TIBER-EU service with high added value.

Did you know that?

Authorities will only recognize a TIBER-EU test if it is carried out by independent third-party providers.

Although in-house Red Team development is encouraged, there are clear advantages to using an external service provider. The most obvious is that an external service provider will provide you with a new, independent perspective, adding value to your business.

I choose Intrinsec for my TIBER-EU needs!


Years of experience in the finance sector

Pure-player dimension: 360° expertise in cybersecurity to meet all your challenges and enhance your services

A team of intelligence officers with complementary profiles, drawing on the full range of our skills

OSINT & SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) investigative skills developed daily for over 5 years

to understand your challenges, even abroad

Dedicated intelligence-led red team ing to provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization

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