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Unsolicited application

Don’t hesitate to submit an unsolicited application by sending an e-mail with your CV to Laurence, our recruitment manager: rh.securite@intrinsec.com

How does the interview work?

HR Interview

An interview with Laurence, our recruitment manager, to introduce you to the company and the position. This is your chance to meet people with the positive attitude we’re looking for.

Test your skills

A test adapted to the position you’re aiming for that will put your reasoning, skills and knowledge to the test. If we work together, we’ll know how to support you in the future.

Operational maintenance

Debriefing of the test via an interview with a line manager and/or a manager, followed by discussions about your approach and the position.
We are committed to providing you with a response at every stage of the interview process (telephone and/or face-to-face). Response time varies between 48 hours and 1 week. Please do not hesitate to contact Laurence, our recruitment officer, if you have any questions: rh.intrinsec@intrinsec.com
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