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Our Expertises


Your context defines our mission: Assess the security of your information systems with our penetration tests and security audits, and go even further with our Red Teaming and Purple Teaming approaches. Our teams can also respond to your specific needs in terms of Active Directory audits, passwords, IOT, Cloud…


Your challenges determine our efforts: Do you need a reference partner to advise you on structuring your IT security? Rely on our Consulting team to help you increase your capabilities, thanks to our wide-ranging offers of comprehensive SSI support, compliance, business continuity and awareness-raising.


Your challenges determine the scope of our efforts: ISS support, time-sharing CISO, security policy and risk analysis, DRP/CPD, awareness-raising and training… Take advantage of our consultants’ expertise to increase your capacity and benefit from our innovative platforms.


Your needs, our services: Created in 2011, the Managed Services department provides an answer to all your operational security needs. Our IS intelligence, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, SOC and CERT services provide comprehensive, proven solutions.


Would you like to discover new approaches to IT security? Call on us to integrate safety into your innovations, by discovering our Cyboard solution.


Passion, responsiveness and vision: Take advantage of our development and R&D consortiums to ensure that the security of your information systems keeps pace with the threats that surround them.
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