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Cyber threat intelligence

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

See what’s out of reach!

Discover our Cyber Threat Intelligence offer: a cyber threat intelligence and business intelligence offer tailored to the specific needs of companies.

Control your costs with a Cyber Threat intelligence service service tailored to your SME.

This specific offer was created to meet the need of small and medium-sized businesses to anticipate cyber-attacks. It comprises 2 flagship modules: Data Leak Detection and Asset Monitoring.

This offer is a run service. If you don’t want to subscribe immediately, you can take part in a POC to test the service in advance.

Your objectives

You may be asking yourself the following question:

Why should I subscribe to a Cyber Threat Intelligence service if I’m not yet very exposed? For your information, 20% to 30% of incident responses by Intrinsec’s CERT are carried out for SMEs. These are mainly ransomware compromises or blackmail involving the disclosure of mistakenly exposed data recovered by malicious actors.

Our CTI offer is able to identify these types of vulnerabilities. Whatever your status, it’s important to monitor the outside perimeter to counter and anticipate cyberattacks.


Cyber threats related to your exposure


Your defense posture from tactical, operational and technical angles

Module: DataLeak Detection

Data leakage detection module in 4 steps.

Intrinsec has a unit dedicated to detecting data leaks.

As an essential element of your cybersecurity strategy, detecting data leaks is more important than ever, given the amount of data shared every day on various web/cloud platforms. On a day-to-day basis, this unit activates various levers to protect your company against these risks and the attacks they can provoke.




Our teams research and determine your data exposed on the different layers of the web.


Our analysts identify the sources of leaks, assess the criticality of your exposed data and analyze the impact.

Remediation and prevention

Our team issues a set of remediation recommendations tailored to your level of exposure and your challenges/needs.

Module: Asset Security Monitoring

Module for controlling your Internet footprint.


The aim of our Asset Security Monitoring service is to reduce your available attack surface, and thus control your exposure to the Internet, by monitoring your perimeter assets and tracking their evolution.

This involves :


Our experience as a pure player offering an end-to-end approach to cybersecurity issues enables us to integrate this subject into a global strategy. The service we provide therefore takes into account all our experience (both operational and organizational), to offer pragmatic solutions and recommendations. By supporting structures of all sizes since 2014 on this theme, we have developed a practice that enables us to ensure rapid implementation. Service users receive their first alerts within the first few days of activation, and we support them throughout the service to build their Threat Intelligence program and make it evolve with their context.


Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence Intrinsec

I choose Intrinsec for my Cyber Threat Intelligence!


Pure-player dimension: 360° expertise in cybersecurity to meet all your challenges and enhance your services

A team of intelligence officers with complementary profiles, drawing on the full range of our skills

OSINT & SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) investigative skills developed daily for over 5 years

to understand your challenges, even abroad

Strong experience in detection & response: knowledge of threat actors and their methods, visibility of the latest attacks and vulnerabilities…

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