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cybersecurity status report

The aim of this service? Identify your strategic security challenges!

Intrinsec’s safety audit combines multiple skills to offer a comprehensive approach: organizational, technical and educational.

Analyzing the challenges: our pragmatic approach

Operational challenges

Based on interviews with your organization’s key business contacts, we identify their main security challenges, threats, resources handled, security needs and risks.

Safety mapping

Collecting this information will enable us to draw up a security map of your critical IT resources, identify the main threats likely to impact your business, and reference legal, regulatory and contractual constraints.

Our consultants’ experience in this exercise enables us to position availability, integrity, confidentiality and traceability requirements realistically, by focusing discussions on the seriousness of the consequences of an IS failure.

Safety level analysis – Quick Win!

organizational analysis

Positioning in relation to the Guide d’Hygiène Informatique and to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards.

Measure yourself against IT security standards and assess your SSI maturity.


technical analysis

A sample of audit actions from theIntrinsec Evaluation catalog is used toassess your level of technical security.





Summary of business challenges


organizational analysis report


technical analysis report

safety mapping

safety roadmap

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