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Infosec watch

Would you like to be informed when a vulnerability is discovered in the software you use?

Our SSI (vulnerability watch) service is the simple answer to your needs: fully integrated into CyboardYou define your monitoring perimeters and alert circuits, taking advantage of the global modeling carried out for all services delivered, and, if necessary, directly manage incidents and associated actions.

Which features?

Watch perimeters are declared by associating software lists with one or more assets, as well as alert circuits to deliver bulletins to the right people.


The monitoring service is integrated into the Portal, and benefits from the global modeling carried out for all services delivered: such and such software, on such and such a part of the IS, at such and such a place in the organization.


Bulletins are issued mainly in English, with some in French depending on the source.

Example of an SSI Watch perimeter

Which sources?

We manage data by maximizing the use of standards such as CVE, CPE, CWE…


Opinions are based on the consolidation of several sources

International sources and optional enrichment services (metadata on bulletins to enrich information on available exploits, cross-referencing of bulletins specific to Linux distribution publishers, etc.).

In order to improve our services, we need to enrich other sources of information

For example, specific platforms are being created to complement our work on specific topics, which we are gradually integrating into our roadmap.

An SSI Watch bulletin

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