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threat hunting

From global search to targeted intelligence

Search for internal threats within your IT assets, according to your specific needs.

Our approach

Our aim is to proactively detect current or past malicious actions within your information system:

  • Global threat research: retrieve information and events from your security equipment (AV detection, proxy, firewall, IDS/IPS alerts, etc.) as well as from workstations and servers.
  • Research into indicators of compromise (IOCs), attack techniques and methods (TTPs) used by Advance Persistent Threat (APT) groups.
  • Perimeter mapping with our Cyber Threat Intelligence: reporting of indicators of compromise and specific research on the basis of these indicators in your IS.
  • Option – Red Team following Threat Intelligence mapping to simulate an attack based on these indicators of compromise.
  • Option – Search following incident response – Indicators of compromise / Attack indicators / Tactical techniques and incident procedures (TTP) & Targeted search based on known indicators of compromise.

This service can be provided on a one-off or iterative basis.

Threat Hunting allows you to :

Know your attack surface and potential attackers.


Detect advanced threats from actors with significant resources.


Report problems of computer hygiene or misconfiguration of your high-risk equipment.

Define the level of cyber-attack risk for your company.


In addition to our technical services, our Threat Hunting service provides you with the recommendations you need to improve your overall IT security.

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I choose Intrinsec for my Threat Hunting!

A service provided by CERT-Intrinsec

Comprehensive understanding of information systems: 360° expertise in cybersecurity, from assessment to remediation.

A multi-skilled CERT team drawing on a wide range of security expertise (Pentest, Red Team, SOC…).

Their experience and expertise in investigating compromises in information systems of all sizes and in all sectors give them an in-depth understanding of attack patterns and techniques.

Their technical monitoring activities enable them to keep abreast of the latest attacker developments, and to stay abreast of corporate compromise tools and methodologies.

A strong capacity for adaptability
acquired through experience.

An offer in the process of PRIS qualification.

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