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internal penetration test

With an internal penetration test, our experts attack your internal networks and equipment, identify vulnerabilities to various scenarios, and provide you with appropriate recommendations.

Perimeters concerned by the internal intrusion test



Business applications


Internal networks

Internal environment: what are your risks?

As part of the internal penetration test, our experts identify the risks specific to your internal IT environment. Among the most recurrent:

Taking control of the active directory domain

compromise of internal application servers


identity theft


theft of confidential business data

Our approach

black box scenario

Simulation of an attack on the internal network by a physical intruder. The aim of this test is to assess the impact of a physical intruder connecting unauthorized equipment to the network.

gray box scenario

Assessment of the impact that a compromised employee or malicious service provider could have, with a standard workstation at his disposal. This assessment focuses on the wireline network.

Vulnerability scanning

Intrinsec can carry out a vulnerability assessment on a representative sample of your in-house equipment.

PASSI LPM & PASSI RGS qualified penetration testing

Since November 2017, Intrinsec has been PASSI RGS qualified (attestation n°20007) and PASSI LPM qualified (qualification decision n°5685) for its organizational and physical audit, configuration, architecture, source code and penetration testing activities.

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